Brush Collection: October 1st through October 9th

Do not mix brush with grass, leaves, roots, stumps, garbage etc. This will not be picked up.

✓ Limbs/large branches: 1” to 4” diameter. Place branches in neat piles with butt ends in same direction facing the curb. This material does not need to be tied.
✓ Brush: 1” or less diameter. Tie material in 3-4 foot bundles and place at curb. Use string, NOT WIRE!

Leaf Collection: October 10th through November 27th

Leaves will NOT be picked up if: put in bags, mixed with grass, sticks or garden debris.

✓ Leaves should be placed in piles behind the curb line. Leaves should not extend more than 2 feet into the street.
✓ Leaves cannot be closer than 10 feet from the storm drain as per NJDEP regulations.

All brush and leaves must be placed curbside prior to 8 am on the required dates. Brush and leaves that are not picked up due to non-conformance with the above will become the responsibility of the homeowner.

There will be another pickup scheduled in the Spring