Regular Garbage and Recycling collection takes place every Wednesday in Chester Borough

Bulk Items: (by request) All bulk items are collected every Wednesday. Please put out with your garbage and make sure stickers are attached. Stickers must be purchased before 1:00 pm on Monday for a Wednesday bulk pick-up. Access bulk pick-up application form here.

Metal Collection: (by request) All metal items are collected on the fourth Thursday. Metal pick-up must be registered with the Clerk’s office before 1:00 pm on Tuesday for a Thursday pick-up. Access metal pick-up application form here.

Garbage stickers are required for additional garbage that will not fit into your Borough issued green garbage can. These stickers are $2 each. Bulk stickers are required for all large items and based upon the size, vary in cost from $5, $10 and $15, and must be purchased before 1:00 pm on Monday for a Wednesday bulk pick-up. All stickers are available for sale at the municipal building during the hours of 8:00-4:30 Monday through Friday.

Dumpster Rental: Dumpsters can be rented from the Mt. Olive Dept. of Public Works. Dumpsters are typically delivered to Chester residents on a Wednesday. They will receive the first dump the following week, and are collected and removed by Sanitation the Wednesday marking the completion of the 2 week rental. No construction debris will be accepted. Click here for Dumpster Rental Form. Payment can be made using Mt. Olive’s online payment system.

Electronics Recycling

Chester Township offers ongoing e-waste recycling at the DPW garage at 65 Furnace Road, Chester, NJ. There will be someone at the garage that can assist you when bringing in your e-waste. Open to Chester Township and Chester Borough residents only. Proof of residency will be required.

Hours: The first Wednesday of each month, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 2 p.m., and the first Saturday of each month from 8 a.m. until noon.

Accepted electronic items: cables, cable boxes, cash registers, cell phones, computers, computer peripherals
including keyboards, copiers, cords, CRT monitors, DVD players, external drives, fax/scanners, laptops, LCD monitors, mouse, MP3/iPods, networking equipment, PDA’s, printers, projectors, satellite dishes, servers, stereos, TV’s, typewriters, UPS units (uninterrupted power supplies), VCR, video game consoles.

Accepted household items: blenders (without glass), bread makers, cameras, carpet sweepers (corded or rechargeable), coffee makers (without glass), clocks, curling irons, electric knives, electric toothbrushes, fans, food sealing equipment, fryers, hair cutters, hair dryers, heaters, holiday lights, irons, landline phones, massagers, metal tools (drills, screwdrivers, small saws, sanders, etc.), microwave ovens, mixers, remotes, radios, shaving equipment, toasters, toaster ovens, vacuum cleaners (without bag).

Documents, Flyers & Resources


Waste questions can be directed to: These include questions regarding scheduling a pick-up, missed pick-ups and replacement cans.

Billing inquiries should be sent to See our Trash & Recycling page for bulk pick-up form.