Smart 911

Residents of the Chesters can now sign up for Smart 911. With this service, regardless of whether you call from your home phone or your cell phone, first responders will be made aware of any information that might help you in the event of an emergency. This information might include medical needs, emergency contacts, specifics about your home, pets, and/or vehicles.  Click here to view a Power Point presentation about what this service offers and how you can sign up.

Swift 911

The Swift911 Web Portal allows you register your contact information to allow you to be notified during an emergency or official outreach. If this is the first time using this portal, please register by clicking on the “Register Now!” button. Once you have filled out the online registration form and confirmed your email address you are registered to receive alerts. If you have already registered on this web portal and are returning to update your contact information, please sign in using the email address you used to register and the password you created during the registration process. If you no longer wish to receive alerts, please click on the appropriate unsubscribe link (Phone Calls, E-Mails, Text Messages). If you prefer to register with a paper form, click here.