Taxes due 8/1; grace period extended until 8/28

The August 1st taxes are due to the Tax Collector. The grace period for 8/1/17 taxes due has been extended to 8/28/17, no postmark accepted. The original bills were mailed 7/28/17 and the Advice bills will be mailed Monday, July 31st.
The grace period will be noted on the bill.
Click here to read Mayor Hoven’s tax letter for 2017-18.

Enjoy ice cream during ‘Princess Anya Month’ & raise money for research

Mayor Janet Hoven and Mayor Marcia Asdal issued a joint proclamation that July would be ‘Princess Anya Month’ to honor a local girl who is fighting leukemia and whose family is working to raise money for research against blood cancer and other disorders. Anya is a student in the Chester School District.

Taylor’s Ice Cream Parlor is joining the fundraising effort and has collection baskets for donations.  In the month of July, if you order one of two special flavors–Anya’s Victorious Vanilla or Anya’s Strong Strawberry–Taylor’s will donate the proceeds to DKMS, an international nonprofit organization dedicated to the fight against blood cancer. For more information about DKMS visit

Girl Scout brings recycling to the Chester Pool

Anjali S. of Chester Girl Scout Troop #98031 decided to address recycling efforts at the Chester Area Pool as her Silver Award Project.  Working with the Borough of Chester and the community, funds were raised to purchase three recycling bins.  The Department of Public Works assisted in purchasing and installing the cans in time for the Fourth of July holiday.  Thanks to Anjali for taking the lead and providing this solution!


Board of Freeholders to meet in Chester on 6/28

Residents, if you have ever wondered what takes place at a Morris County Freeholder’s meeting, here is a great local opportunity to learn more:

The Morris County Board of Freeholders will hold the third of eight 2017 county government ‘road meetings’ on Wednesday, June 28 at 7:00pm at the Chester Borough Municipal Building as part of a continuing effort to bring county government closer to their constituents. Residents from Chester Borough and Township, and all towns in Morris County are invited to the Wednesday night freeholder meeting and to raise issues and ask questions about county and regional issues.

The agenda for the Freeholder meeting will be posted online at

The Chester Borough Municipal Building is located at 50 North Road, Chester NJ 07930.

The Freeholders voted earlier this year to continue their tradition of holding some of their county government meetings at towns halls away from the county government headquarters in Morristown. Subsequent summer road meetings are scheduled on July 26 in Kinnelon, and Aug. 23 in Victory Gardens. Several more road meetings have been tentatively scheduled for autumn and will be announced in the near future.

“It is important to meet county residents where they live and work, and to make it more convenient for residents and elected officials to have access to county government without having to come to Morristown,’’ said Freeholder Director Doug Cabana.

“The road meetings give local residents and officials an opportunity to raise regional issues of concern to the freeholders, so we can better understand and focus on these issues,’’ said Deputy Freeholder Director John Cesaro.

The state Legislature established Chester Township in 1799, carving it out from portions of Roxbury and Washington townships. Chester Borough was incorporated in 1930, splitting from the township based on the results of a referendum. Chester Borough, a town of about 1,700 residents, is 40 miles west of New York City. It is completely surrounded by larger Chester Township. Chester Borough is home to numerous arts, crafts, antiques and specialty shops, and holds a variety of major events annually, attracting people from through the region to its popular downtown for shopping and events. It also is located a short distance from many natural areas and county and state parks.

The freeholders in 2016 held road meetings in Boonton and Pequannock. They also met at county Park Commission venues across the county, including Silas Condict County Park in Kinnelon, the Mennen Sports Arena in Morris Township, and the Great Swamp Outdoor Education Center in Chatham Township.

The Board of Freeholders meet twice monthly, usually on the evening of the second and fourth Wednesday of each month, at the County Administration and Records Building in Morristown. The public can comment at those meetings. The board also holds public work sessions on the mornings of the second and fourth Wednesdays in Morristown.

For more information on county government, visit:


Ambulance Services

From Chester First Aid Squad President Cassandra Cline:

As many of you already know the First Aid Squad (FAS) has been utilizing Atlantic Ambulance for almost a year now for our daytime calls when volunteers were unavailable. Meaning, if squad members cannot get to a call, Atlantic would support us by responding to the call. This was done in an effort to provide quicker response times to the members of the community. Most of our members have full-time jobs which prevents them from running calls during the work day. Many years ago, Chester was a one income family community with people working in town. This is not the case in 2017. We recognize the need to put the people of Chester’s needs before our own. We want to make sure the community is afforded excellent care, along with quick response times. This in no way, lessens or negates the heart and soul of our volunteers. We are still the same highly trained and dedicated volunteers you know and respect. At this time we need help making sure we continue with a high level of care, Atlantic will help us achieve this. We are still volunteering, we are still training, and we are still available for the community. We do not plan to go anywhere!

To be able to better serve the community during the daytime hours, the FAS is testing the following plan for a TRIAL PERIOD OF 3-6 MONTHS-

*Atlantic Ambulance will be stationed in Chester. This will allow them to respond to Chester calls Monday-Friday, 5:45am-7pm.
-The first and second calls out will be handled by Atlantic, should a third call go out volunteers will be activated.
*The FAS will handle calls after 7pm and on weekends.
*Atlantic does bill for their services which is covered by many insurance companies. By federal law, they cannot change your deductible if you have one. If you do not have insurance at all, Atlantic can work with you on managing their fee.

The squad is trying to see if this system better serves the community. We will re-evaluate this system each month.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via our website.

If you live in Chester and are able to join the squad as an EMT, please reach out to us via our website to join. We love to have new members!! Especially daytime hours!

Thank you,
Cassandra Cline

Art Exhibition at Library – ‘In Chester’

Come see the June Art Exhibition titled “In Chester” now on display at the Chester Library.

The Chester NJ Artists Network is a group of artists from Chester and the surrounding community who gather with the intent on thinking creatively, honing and developing artistic skills, and supporting each other’s self expressive endeavors with socializing and having fun. The group is comprised of various level adult artists, some with art training and some who have never picked up a paintbrush. We welcome all to come together and participate and share our own individual unique gifts of experience to enhance each of our members’ artistic journey. We work in a variety of mediums while building artistic skills with offering wonderful tips and tricks to help encourage and train our participants eyes and hands “to see” while they develop their own creative and artistic style.

The group origins began three years ago by the Chester Borough Recreation Director as a way to make art accessible and affordable to all. In its’ infancy there were four eager regular participants meeting up at the Rockefeller Building on Main Street and has quickly outgrown that space to a group of over 24 weekly artists. The group gathers every Tuesday morning from 10am-12pm at the Field House Jan-June and Sept –Dec, taking a summer break July & August.  The group has expanded to provide evening art classes by popular request which meets Wednesday evenings from 7-9pm at the Field House.

Chester NJ Artists Network strives to be inclusive to all, enlightened and participatory in artists’ adventures, and connected with our community.  That is why our latest art installation for June features artwork created by our artists in class featuring all Chester subject matter. All pictures in this exhibit titled “In Chester” were inspired by a location in Chester, whether it is a meadow, a town feature or icon, a hiking path, or historic building.

The group is provided by Chester Recreation and continues to operate as a self funded operation with all the fees collected going back into art supplies and instructor fees as needed.

Please feel free to connect with our group on Facebook by searching “Chester NJ Artists Network”.  You may also request to receive weekly e-mails and reminder by sending notification to the Recreation Director at or

Thank you and enjoy the Chester NJ Artists Network Art Exhibit Titled “In Chester”

Warm regards

Maxine Finney

Larison’s property – update

**Update 6/7/2017 The Larison’s application has been postponed until further notice.**

From Mayor Hoven 6/1/2017:

There has been some public discussion about the Turkey Farm property, triggered by a pending land use board application for a demolition permit for the Sunnyside building on the property.  This is appropriately in the hands of the Land Use Board.  However, discussions and proposal for the redevelopment of the Turkey Farm property have been on-going for over 15 years.  It has been the subject of litigation three times.

The current litigation concerns an appeal by the property owner of the Highlands Council conferring plan conformance status to the Borough, and an objection of the Borough’s COAH (Affordable Housing) plan which is pending in Superior Court. The latter has cost the Borough a significant amount of money, which resulted in a property tax increase this year, rather than a reduction.  The Court has ordered the parties to mediate and has encouraged the parties for find an amicable resolution of the litigation. The Borough remains open to settlement negotiations with the property owner, but at this juncture, a comprehensive plan which includes Mill Ridge Lane has not been submitted for the governing body’s consideration.

Any discussion about the negotiation process is privileged and must remain confidential pursuant to the rules of mediation.

Chester Springs Shopping Center odor being monitored

From Mayor Janet Hoven: “I met today 6/1 with a representative from the NJ Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) and the operator of the waste water treatment plant at the Chester Springs Shopping Center.
A treatment plant is all biological. If something happens to the organisms living in the plant, odors will occur, and obviously something has happened. The plant operator is going to change the protocol for odor control. Because it is biological, a change in protocol will take some time to take effect, most likely at least two weeks. Additionally, weather plays a role in whether or not the odor dissipates or hangs in the air, so a change in the weather may reduce the odor.
I will stay in contact with the NJDEP, and a NJDEP rep will be monitoring the plant. I ask for your patience as all involved are committed to solving the problem.”

‘Healthy Aging’ seminar June 14th

Healthy Aging: Tips for Your Body and Brain

to be presented Wednesday, June 14, 2017 at Bernards Township Library

Alzheimer’s New Jersey in conjunction with the Bernards Township Health Department will present a program entitled “Healthy Aging: Tips for Your Body and Brain”. The program will focus on how lifestyle factors, such as diet, exercise, stress, sleep and more, may affect our physical and cognitive health.

The program will be held on Wednesday, June 14th at 7:00 p.m. at the Bernards Township Library located at 32 South Maple Avenue, Basking Ridge, NJ. Participation is free but pre-registration is required. Register online at: or call Alzheimer’s New Jersey at: 888-280-6055. If you have questions call the Bernards Township Health Department at 908-204-2520.

JCP&L Aerial Inspections in May

Please be advised that the Chesapeake Bay Helicopters will be conducting JCP&L’s Spring Transmission Aerial Patrol. These inspections are scheduled to begin May 15th and typically require approximately 2 weeks to complete depending on weather conditions.
The helicopters will be flying slowly (20-30 mph) along the lines, and may hover at any time for a closer inspection. The helicopters scheduled for these patrols are a black Hughes MD500 with registration (tail) number N748CB and a Black and Silver Hughes MD500 with registration (tail) number N90TJ.
The pilot will be in communication with any local Airports when in their airspace. If you require additional details or would like additional information, please contact your local Area Manager at JCP&L.