Reassessments of property in Oct./Nov.

Chester Borough has contracted with Assessor Services to conduct inspections of property as part of the Annual Reassessment.

The inspections will take place during the months of October and November.

The inspector’s name is Bill Fristrom and he will be carrying Identification.

2017 Brush & Leaf Removal


Fall Brush Clean up – October 9th – 13th

Limbs/large branches:  1” to 4” diameter.  Place branches in neat piles with butt ends in same direction facing the curb. This material does not need to be tied.

Brush:  1” or less diameter.  Tie material in 3-4 foot bundles and place at curb.  Use string, NOT WIRE!

Do not mix with grass, leaves, roots, stumps, garbage etc.  This will not be picked up.


Leaf pickup has been extended to December 1st. Leaves must be out before 8 am on December 1st for pickup. This is for leaves only.  Brush pickup ended on October 13th.  There will be another pick up in the spring.


Please place leaves in piles behind the curb line.  Leaves should not extend more than 2 feet into the street.

Leaves cannot be closer than 10 feet from the storm drain as per NJDEP regulations.

Leaves will NOT be picked up if: put in bags, mixed with grass, sticks or garden debris.

Leaves that are not picked up due to non-compliance with the above will become the responsibility of the homeowner.    

Location of Farmers Market to change 7/23

The Chester Farmers Market is moving to a new location Starting Sunday, July 23. The Farmers Market, sponsored by the Chester-Long Valley Rotary, will now be held at the Municipal Field on Main Street, by the Gazebo. The hours are the same from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM on Sundays.

Communications Survey

Chester Borough would like to be able to reach all of its residents in order to communicate information in a timely manner. Please let us know your preference about you would like to be reached by filling out a short survey with your contact information. Thank you!

Click here to take the survey.

Mosquito Control in Morris County

Morris County, NJ’s Division of Mosquito Control has compiled information to assist residents with mosquito control this season. Click here to read about reducing standing water, and use of various pesticide chemicals used to kill mosquitoes.