Trash & Recycling

Solid Waste Collection Program

Solid Waste will be collected in the Borough every Wednesday. Unacceptable solid waste includes hazardous waste, vegetative wastes, medical wastes, computers and their components, or building materials. Collections may start as early as 6 am. Please put out your garbage can the night before and make sure that the cans are properly secured from possible animal intrusion. The annual cost for the service covers the service fee to the solid waste contractor and recycling through the MUA. There will be a bulky pickup service on Wednesdays. This pick up will require stickers and registration with the collectors office, 908-879-3660 x2121. A metals pick up will also be held once a month on the fourth Thursday. Metals pickup will not require stickers, but will require a phone call to the collectors office to get on the list for pick up.

    Recycling Collection Program

    Recyclables are collected by the MCMUA once per week, on Wednesdays. Please place your recycling out the night before. Wet recyclable materials are not a problem, in case it is raining. Please place a heavy item on top of the recyclables, or else use lids to secure the recyclable items from being blown about. If the recycling crew fails to collect your recyclables, even though you placed them out for collection at the correct time and place, please call Mary at the MUA at 973-659-3490.


    Please note that computers and their components now need to be recycled. Please call the MUA at 973-829-8006 or visit their website at for information. Do not put these items out with your regular recyclables.


    Chester Borough is now using single-stream recycling through the MCMUA.  Single-stream recycling means that all bottles, cans and paper must be mixed together and placed in the same curside recycling bin.  In addition, new items now being accepted for recycling are clean aluminum pie plates, trays and foil; plastic containers, which include bottles and non-bottles coded with #1 PETE, #2 HDPE, #4 LDPE, #PP, and #7 OTHER; boxes used for liquids and frozen food, such as soup boxes, drink boxes and mild and juice cartons; and cardboard packaging used for soda, juice or beer typically in 6 or 12-packs.  The numbers for the plastic containers are found inside the triangular recycling symbol that is stamped on the bottom of plastic containers.  Please note that plastics coded with #3 V or #6 PS nor plastic bags of any kind are not to be put into the curbside recycling.  Please continue to recycle the items you have been recycling including aluminum cans; steel (tin) cans; glass bottles and jars; plastic bottles coded #1 PETE and #2 PETE; newspapers, junk mail and magazines; chipboard such as boxed used for cereal and facial tissue, and cardboard boxes that have been flattened.  These items are to be put into the curside recycling bin together with the newly accepted items.  Newspapers and cardboard boxes should not be tied.  If cardboard boxes are too large to fit into a curbside recycling bin, they should be flattened, folded and stacked inside one cardboard box and placed next to the recycling bin.