Ashley White, Recreation Director for Chester Recreation Department, received the New Jersey Recreation and Park Association’s William D. Foelsch Rising Professional of the Year Award at the New Jersey Recreation and Park Association (NJRPA) Annual Awards Dinner in Atlantic City. Ms. White was present to accept this award on Tuesday, February 25, 2020.

Ashley has only been working full time in recreation since 2017, she has truly left a big mark since. If we rewind time to her senior year of high school through her college summers, Ashley served as a camp counselor in North Brunswick for four of them. Ashley went on to graduate cum laude from Northern Arizona University with a Bachelor of Science in Parks and Recreation Management.

In 2017, Ashley joined Livingston’s Department of Senior, Youth and Leisure Services as the Facility Operations Coordinator. Her responsibilities included rentals of the pools and community centers in Livingston. Ashley loved managing the facilities, but her true passion was the pool. She oversaw maintenance and served as the Certified Pool Operator on-site. Overseeing the staff and operations at the snack shack was also a part of Ashley’s role. One of her proudest accomplishments from her time in Livingston was holding the first-ever summer concert at their pool. During the summer of 2019, Ashley became the Recreation Director for Chester Recreation, which serves residents in both Chester Borough and Chester Township. Ashley inherited a department that didn’t offer many programs or events; however, she has already begun working on rebranding the entire department and beefing up the programs and events they offer. Ashley’s infectious positive spirit and determination has already paid off with the department now offering programs that are filled and on waitlist-only!

If her professional accomplishments weren’t enough, her impact on NJRPA has been tremendous. Ashley currently serves on the Board of Trustees as the Multicultural Affairs Section Chair. In addition, she serves on the Conference Planning Committee with the socials and programs, the Educational and Professional Development Committee and she is on the Community Recreation Section Executive Board. Staying true to her desire to always advance herself professionally, Ashely has also been a member of the Mentorship Program for 2 years.

About the New Jersey Recreation and Park Association

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The purpose of the New Jersey Recreation and Park Association’s Awards Program is to honor and identify dedicated leaders, employees, and volunteers in the field of Parks and Recreation, and to recognize the State’s outstanding Recreation and Park agencies for excellence in programming, publicity and facility design. The goal of the Awards Program is to focus State attention on the achievement of Park and Recreation agencies, to recognize the continuing efforts of staff and volunteers, and to acknowledge the support extended by member agencies.