The Chester the Environmental and Open Space Committee provides advice to the Borough and its officials and boards for the protection and/or development or use of the natural resources, environmentally sensitive land areas, and open space located within the Borough of Chester.

Phone: (908) 879-3660 ext 2123

Comittee Members

Member NameTerm Ends
Carolyn Collins12/31/2020
Christopher Scrivens12/31/2020
Edward Ng12/31/2021
Jennifer Cooper12/31/2019
Kelli Kivacevic12/31/2019
Alison Misklman12/31/2019


Please Dispose of Your PPE Properly

Items such as gloves, wipes, masks, and tissues, which are being widely used by all Morris County residents due to the COVID-19 pandemic, should not be placed into curbside recycling containers. They are contaminants and must be put into the trash. MCMUA employees will not be picking up any bins that contain these items.

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