Expired: JCP&L update 3/9

Note: The information on this page represents historical information. As such, it may no longer be relevant or accurate.

The Mayors are participating in their daily call with JCP&L. According to JCP&L president Jim Fakult, “Of the 10,000 customers still out from storm Riley, 7000 will be back in service today and the remainder by midnight tomorrow. (more…)

JCP&L Storm Update – Morning of March 8, 2018 

“Yesterday’s new storm hit JCP&L’s service area very hard, with some places getting 25 inches of new, wet snow. Roads and access across the state remain a challenge, but crews are working as quickly and safely as they can, with our priority to attend to outages remaining from last week’s storm first.
A brief synopsis of our current priorities:
New safety hazards, including downed wires and other damage that could endanger the public or impede first responders, existing outages from Winter Storm Riley (Northern New Jersey), clearing blocked roads to get access to new areas with heavy damage, and restoring the balance of our customers who were recently impacted.
We have well over 4,000 people working the storm, and we hope to have restoration estimates for all customers affected by early this afternoon.”