Estimated Tax Bills (Q3 2020)

The State of New Jersey has extended the adoption its budget until September 30 due to the Coronavirus, and as a result, towns have not yet received a certified tax rate. It was recommended by the State of New Jersey to issue estimated bills for the 3rd quarter taxes, which are due August 1st with a 10 day grace period. (more…)

Tax Letter from Mayor Hoven

Mayor Hoven has written a letter to Chester Borough Residents regarding their tax bills. She describes this year’s budget, school taxes, and affordable housing. Residents are encouraged to read the letter to better understand their tax bills. (more…)

Consider pre-paying your 2018 property taxes

In response to questions regarding prepayment of 2018 property taxes in the 2017 calendar year, please see the Executive Order issued by Governor Christie requiring municipalities to accept tax prepayments if postmarked or delivered on or before Dec. 31, 2017.

Here is an article that you might find of interest. Right now it looks like you can deduct tax pre-payment made by 12/31/17 on your 2017 taxes, but there are some concerns voiced as to whether or not that will help you. As always, consult your accountant or tax advisor.
The Borough is currently accepting pre-payment of property taxes. Payments may be made online. Follow the ‘online payments’ link on the Borough’s website.
Or, taxes can be mailed or delivered to Chester Borough Hall 50 North Road Chester, NJ 07930.

Taxes due February 1st

Taxes are due February 1st with a grace period until February 10th. Please have payment to the Tax Collector’s Office by that date as we don’t accept postmarks. If you have already paid your taxes, thank you.

For your convenience, we have installed a secured lock box at the front entrance for after hours payments.

Annual Tax Reassessment

Please be advised that the Borough’s Annual Tax Reassessment is currently taking place.  This will effect approximately 25% of the Borough’s properties. Over the next few weeks an inspector may be visiting to inspect your property.    These individuals will be able to provide valid identification.  Thank you.