Curbside retail pickup will be allowed beginning Monday, May 18, 2020. Please note the requirements from the Governor’s office below. It’s pretty simple. When picking up merchandise, please do not get out of your car and at no time are customers allowed in the store.

The Chester Springs Mall and the Streets of Chester Mall will have identified “Curbside Parking” areas. Picking up merchandise from the Fire Lane in front of any store is not allowed and you may be ticketed if you park there. There will be some reserved spots on Main St. identified by signage and orange cones, but you are not required to use them as some stores have parking lots or have parking available on Perry Street.

If you are window shopping on Main Street and see something you wish to purchase, call the store, pay for your merchandise, then drive your car for pick-up using the steps outlined below. A store owner may not hand the merchandise directly to you.

Please don’t forget to social distance if you are window shopping!

Here are the guidelines from the Governor’s office

Curbside Pickup at Non-Essential Retail Businesses: The Order also permits non-essential retail businesses to allow curbside pickup of goods, beginning at 6:00 a.m. on Monday, May 18, but businesses must continue to have their in-store operations closed to customers. Businesses who choose to offer curbside pickup must abide by the requirements in the Order, which include but are not limited to the following:

  • In-store operations should be limited to those employees who are responsible for the operations required for curbside pickup;
  • Customer transactions should be handled in advance by phone, email, facsimile or other means that avoid person-to-person contact;
  • Customers shall notify the retailer by text message, email, or phone once they arrive, or make best efforts to schedule their arrival time in advance. The customer should be asked to remain in their vehicle if arriving by car until store staff delivers the purchase;
  • Designated employees should bring goods outside of the retail establishment and place goods directly in a customer’s vehicle when possible, avoiding person-to-person contact; and
  • Such businesses must follow social distancing and mitigation practices outlined in previous orders, including requiring workers to wear cloth face coverings when in contact with other workers or customers and gloves when in contact with goods or customers.

Image via Wiki Commons, © Richard Arthur Norton