Sewer Expansion Updates

In 2018, Chester Borough embarked on a wastewater treatment plant antidegradation study to determine whether or not a surface water discharge treatment facility would be feasible for the proposed new sewer plant. On Friday the Borough received approval from the NJ Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) of the study, thus enabling the Borough to move forward with the next phase of its sewer application. The approval letter is linked below. In the email that accompanied the letter, the supervising Research Scientist wrote that the project will “benefit the environment greatly.” (more…)

Construction Update: Route 24

Hello residents of the Chester’s,

Tomorrow the Milling and Paving will begin on Route 24 to the bridge at the Mendham Township border. Police officers will be posted along the route because traffic will be alternating. Below are the tentative dates and locations where the road construction will take place. Please note the start times are at 9 AM for tomorrow and this Friday so that we can get the busses to the entrances of the schools on time. Please plan an alternate route and try to avoid the area because there will be delays. The construction is scheduled to be completed each day by 4 PM.

Wednesday 9/30: Milling from Village Road to Cliffwood Road, 9 AM start time.
Thursday 10/1: Milling from Cliffwood Road to the bridge at the Mendham border, 7 AM start time.
Friday 10/2: Paving will begin from Village Road to Cliffwood Road, 9 AM start time
Monday 10/5: Paving from Cliffwood Road to the bridge at the Mendham Border, 7 AM start time.
Tuesday 10/6: Milling from the bridge at the Mendham border to Cliffwood Road, 7 AM start time.
Wednesday 10/7: Milling from Cliffwood Road to Village Road, 7 AM start time
Thursday 10/8: Paving from the bridge at the Mendham order to Cliffwood Road, 7 AM start time.
Friday 10/9: Paving Cliffwood Road to Village Road, 7 AM start time.

Again we thank you for your patience during this project.


Chief Williver

Chief Thomas Williver
Chester Police Department
1 Parker Road
Chester, N.J. 07930

A Letter From Mayor Hoven: June 29, 2020

I hope that this letter finds each of you healthy and returning somewhat to a normal routine. 2020 has certainly challenged us to shift our habits in ways never imagined. As I write this letter, distance education is coming to a close, churches can once again open their doors, “non-essential” retail and restaurants are about to re-open to the public, although be it at a limited capacity and the pool staff is preparing to open the Chester Area Pool. Indoor recreation and gyms are still closed. I ask that you please support our local businesses the best that you can. (more…)

Estimated Tax Bills (Q3 2020)

The State of New Jersey has extended the adoption its budget until September 30 due to the Coronavirus, and as a result, towns have not yet received a certified tax rate. It was recommended by the State of New Jersey to issue estimated bills for the 3rd quarter taxes, which are due August 1st with a 10 day grace period. (more…)

Remembering Larry Maysey

Memorial Day is one of the most solemn traditions of the United States of America. On this day we remember and honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. This year, because of restrictions on gatherings due to the COVID-19 emergencies, municipalities will not be holding their customary ceremonies, but we as citizens still should have our own moment of quiet reflection. (more…)

A Letter From Mayor Hoven Regarding Property Taxes

I hope this letter finds you well and coping the best we all can during this truly life changing time. As I write this, there have been six of our fellow residents confirmed to have tested positive for COVID-19. The disruption to our lives, whether it be to the closing of the schools and offices, the loss or furloughing of a job, the loss of a loved one, and the uncomfortable feeling that life as we have known it may be permanently altered, make for a feeling uncertain apprehension. The bright side is that we live in an extraordinary caring community and look out for one another the best we can. We will get through this together and come out stronger on the other side. (more…)