🚧 Main Street Trench Repair

The ongoing utility work has left a trench that needs to be finished–it is currently bumpy with some holes. Morris County has made the utility aware that they need to fix it. Please be advised that they will be working on portions of the trench next week, most likely Tuesday, November 19th.

Political Signage Ordinance

Chapter 163. Land Development and Procedures

Article XII.  Zoning – Signs

The following temporary signs shall be permitted in all districts of the Borough subject to general regulations applicable to all signs:

Election, special election and referendum signs. Such signs may be erected not more than three weeks prior to an election. Election signs shall be removed within 48 hours after the completion of the event. Signs shall not exceed six square feet on a side.

[Amended 5-18-2010 by Ord. No. 2010-13]

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