Note: The information on this page represents historical information. As such, it may no longer be relevant or accurate.

The Office of Emergency Management surveying need for shelter Please take a 2-question survey to help the Office of Emergency Management ascertain the number of Chester residents interested in relocating to a storm shelter. Click here to take this very short survey.

Chester Police report:
JCP&L work crews are at:

  • Cherry Tree Lane
  • Pottersville Road
  • Lamerson Road
  • E. Fox Chase

The following roadways are closed due to wires and/or trees down:

  • Pleasant Hill Rd. near Flanders
  • Hillside Rd. at Pleasant Hill Rd.

JCP&L will be energizing Ironia Road and Pottersville Road near the Kay Center very soon.

Mayors’ report on phone call with JCP&L
The Mayors’ call with JCP&L today was one of collective frustration with the utility and its lack of communication with their customers that is accurate, timely and reasonable.  The Mayors of Morris, Hunterdon, Warren and Sussex counties have the largest number of unrestored residents. Mayors gave anecdotal accounts received from their residents of the failure of the company to have a good handle on what has actually been repaired, or still needs to be repaired even if the company thinks it has been repaired. Recounting of conversations between out-of-town utility workers and residents on progress, or lack thereof, in terms of restorations were also shared.

Suffice it to say that the general consensus is that customers have little to no faith in any communication from JCP&L.  Suggestions were given about providing realistic restoration times.  While it might not make anyone who is without power feel better, please know that every town and mayor is experiencing the same frustrations.

Both Mayors, with Police Chief Williver,  have been in contact with JCP&L officials to attempt to get a commitment on specific roads being restored. Unfortunately, we don’t know if a crew is addressing local outages until a police officer notifies the Chief. Then we can pass that information on to residents.

Today’s JCP&L report
“Yesterday’s new storm hit JCP&L’s service area very hard, with some places getting 25 inches of new, wet snow. Roads and access across the state remain a challenge, but crews are working as quickly and safely as they can, with our priority to attend to outages remaining from last week’s storm first.

A brief synopsis of our current priorities:
New safety hazards, including downed wires and other damage that could endanger the public or impede first responders, existing outages from Winter Storm Riley (Northern New Jersey), clearing blocked roads to get access to new areas with heavy damage, and restoring the balance of our customers who were recently impacted.

We have well over 4,000 people working the storm, and we hope to have restoration estimates for all customers affected by early this afternoon.

Because yesterday’s snowstorm impacted a wider range of towns than last Friday’s storm, several hundred PSE&G crews that were helping in the northwestern counties have been pulled back to their customer base further base, but existing work assignments for the JCP&L work crews are staying consistent as they were before the snowfall.  There may be circumstances that require them to respond to a life and safety emergency, but other than that the customers still without power from winter storm Riley are the top priority.”

Warming Centers Open:
Town Hall, Borough Hall, during normal business hours
Chester Library, during normal hours (note: closed on 3/8)
First Congregational Church
Community Presbyterian Church
St. Lawrence the Martyr Catholic Church
Feel free to drop in should you need some warmth or to charge electronics.

We regret being unable to respond to as many social media posts and comments as we can. We are relying on our Communications Coordinator to monitor and forward us comments that reflect what people are experiencing in our community. Thanks to all the residents who have taken the time to contact us and offer suggestions on how we can both improve our response to emergent situations and be as proactive as we can in making sure our towns are not vulnerable to the effects of these kind of storms.

Mayor Janet Hoven, Chester Borough
Mayor Marcia Asdal, Chester Township