Heaviest snow this afternoon
From Chester Police: Please stay off roads until further notice. Conditions rapidly deteriorating. Shelter in place.
JCP&L late afternoon report: “For the safety of our workers, we have ceased work until the weather is more favorable except for life and limb emergencies.
We are getting more outages from today’s snow storm. Again, we will work to restore customers from the first storm before today’s except where safety dictates.
Our current outage counts do not necessarily reflect the work done today and also reflect ongoing current outages.
JCP&L has restored power to more than 242,000 of the nearly 272,000 customers in New Jersey affected by the recent storm that inflicted widespread damage on its facilities. More than 4,100 employees and contractors – including about 1,500 line workers – are now involved in the massive effort and will continue working until full restoration is achieved. An additional 200 line workers are arriving in New Jersey today from Virginia. Approximately 29,000 customers remain out of service, primarily in Hunterdon, Morris, Warren and Sussex counties.
As part of its storm restoration process, JCP&L has taken the following steps:
• Ramped up storm updates on social media and on the company website. Follow JCP&L on Twitter @JCP_L, on Facebook at www.facebook.com/JCPandL or online at www.jcp-l.com
• Aired radio ads telling customers how to prepare for storms
• Initiated update calls with officials
• Activated its Emergency Command Center
• Activated its Incident Command System
• Communicated with emergency management officials, state officials, regulators, and local officials about storm restoration efforts
• Staffed additional dispatchers and analysts at regional dispatch officesAfter local power lines are repaired and put back in service, damage to individual
customer service wires may become apparent. Customers are reminded that if their neighbor’s power is on and theirs is not, the problem may be isolated to their individual service, and service to the neighbor could be fed from a different circuit. Customers are encouraged to report such problems, even at this latter stage in the restoration process.
JCP&L reminds customers to immediately report downed wires to their utility at 888-LIGHTSS (888-544-4877)”
Trash pickup:
Blue Diamond Disposal will pick up garbage tomorrow (Thursday 3/8) in Chester Township.  Recycling collection has not yet been modified; assume Friday pickup until we hear otherwise.
Chester Borough Recycling collection has been rescheduled for Thursday, March 8th.  Recycling cans must be curbside by 7 am.

From today’s Mayors’ Call with JCP&L:

  • JCP&L repeatedly assured us that the customers who have been without power the longest are their top priority, even through today’s snowstorm.
  • Despite JCP&L’s automated system constantly giving bad info, residents without power should continue to call every day to report the outage.
  • Providing accurate estimates of when power will come back on is fluid and is often altered based on differences between what was expected when the initial damage assessment was done and the extent of the damage that is actually discovered once the work crews arrive.  They have discovered more broken poles and more complex damage once they arrive on the scene than what was initially reported in the early hours and days after the storm hit.
  • JCP&L has been using helicopters to help assess damage, but in areas with heavy tree canopies, like Chester Township,  they’ve been using drones. Drones have been reported on Cromwell Avenue off Pleasant Hill Road. The drones are not being used to verify outages. They are not being operated from miles away but are being used within the line of sight of the operators.
During these daily conference calls with JCP&L, NJ mayors do not receive updates on individual towns or streets, even when we ask for such information. The mayors are as frustrated as the residents as to the lack of information.
Our Police Chief is working tirelessly in the name of public safety to get the roads open and power restored. The Mayors and Police Chief are in constant contact. Even though the information we put out may not be what you are looking for, it’s all we have.
We wish to thank everyone for the feedback you’ve been sending our way. We’ll be working with JCP&L and other elected county and state officials, as well as our own Borough and Township staff  to determine how we could improve procedures and information in the event of another serious weather event.
We thank you for your patience and kindness both to each other and to the workers who are on the ground.
Mayor Marcia Asdal, Chester Township
Mayor Janet Hoven, Chester Borough