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Taxes due 8/1; grace period extended until 8/28

The August 1st taxes are due to the Tax Collector. The grace period for 8/1/17 taxes due has been extended to 8/28/17, no postmark accepted. The original bills were mailed 7/28/17 and the Advice bills will be mailed Monday, July 31st. The grace period will be noted on the bill. Click here to read Mayor Hoven’s tax letter for 2017-18.

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Barns of Chester, photos by Linda Milligan

Emergency Radio 1630AM

The public radio system serving the Chester area is now up and running. In the event of an emergency, information would be broadcast through this system.

Take a moment to set your car radio to 1630AM.  The server for the link can only handle about 100 users at a time, so there may be a wait in accessing. The intention is for users to tune in on a car radio and not via computer during power outages.

Download .m3u (Stream)